books Little Duckie's Day

Little Duckie is busy, busy, busy! With so much to do throughout the day, how will it all get done? Maybe trusty Mommy can help out!

Delightful, humorous drawings illustrate a colorful adventure in the life of a little Duckie and a devoted (but frequently frazzled) Mom. Dedicated to hardworking moms and dads everywhere, and their helpful (and often quite a handful!) admiring little duckies. With easy-to-read text and original artwork by D.L. Skandle. On sale at, Barnes and, and Authorhouse.

" much fun for parents as for their kids." --Kirkus Book Reviews
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  Little Duckie fans, get ready! A brand-new book, ALL about Little Duckie, will be coming your way soon! Please be sure to check back here for details!


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