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"Little Duckie's Day" still available at Word Bookstore in Jersey City
Another big shout-out to Ashanti White-Wallace and everyone at Word Bookstore in Jersey City! They've renewed our consignment deal, and they're a great place to visit to boot! If you're ever in the area, why not stop by and show your love and support — they've got a great selection of books and their children's section is amazing! (Hey, they carry "Little Duckie's Day" — what's not to love?)
Also, be sure to visit DL Skandle's Facebook page, and feel free to "Like" us! And check back here on the site in the coming weeks — a new episode of "That Duckie!" is coming soon!

"Little Duckie's Day" At Pitch-A-Palooza 2015
We'll be
pitching our new book at The Book Doctors' Annual Pitch-A-Palooza, to be held at the Brooklyn Public Library as part of the 2016 Brooklyn Book Festival. We'll be presenting to literary agents Arielle Eckstut and David Sterry, and hopefully get some good fedback and who knows? Maybe someone will pick up our book!


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