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Very good discussion at last night's Pitch-A-Palooza at the Brooklyn Public Library. Shout out to all the authors who came to promote their ideas to agents Arielle Eskstut and David Sterry, and to The Book Doctors themselves for lending an ear and providing valuable feedback. Warm thanks also to Grace Kendall of Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, who gave me a great deal of encouragement and ideas for the sequel to "Little Duckie's Day." I will be speaking one-on-one with Mr. Sterry on September 30 to see how I can better promote the upcoming book.

Constructive Criticism
d a great conversation with David Sterry of The Book Doctors earlier this afternoon -- lots of good pointers on how to generate interest in both "Little Duckie's Day" and the sequel, as well as how to better refine my work in general. I've been getting a lot of input from the agents I've been querying, with different prespectives on which direction Little Duckie and Co. should be going. Speaking with Mr. Sterry sort of "brought it all together," so to speak. One piece of advice I'm really taking to heart is to keep things current, and keep your audience informed... so suffice it to say, you'll be seeing a lot more on this site in the coming months!


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