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A Message To Our Readers
Since we now see a growing interest in Little Duckie, we will be putting considerably more effot into ensuring the website remains updated and relevant. We'll be adding new cartoons, features, and of course, Duckie-related news, events and stories, so check back here regularly -- and as always, feel free to drop us a line anytime!

Thank you.
The Pratt Alumni Art and Design Fair was a HUGE success -- and many Thank You's are in order!

Thank you to everyone who came out and upported D.L. Skandle and "Little Duckie's Day," and to new visitors to this site: thank you and welcome! Fell free to browse around here and spread the word! YOU are what makes Little Duckie a success!

Special thanks to Darryl, Ken and Valerie, who went above and beyond to help set up, man the station, and show support -- you three are truly the best! Thanks also to Suz who took time out of her busy day to stop by and purchase a copy of the book, as well as to all the visitors to the Festival who gave positive feedback, made suggestions, purchased copies of "Little Duckie's Day," or just showed us love and support.

We appreciate it, really.


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