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Meanwhile, elsewhere...
While we're fixing glitches, finishing new episodes of "That Duckie!," soliciting agents, and searching for more venues to read/sell Litt'e DUckie's Day, take a look at what else is going on in the neighborhood:

Author Matt Bergin is working on a bunch of exciting projects — one of which will feature illustrations by yours truly, DL Skandle! The two of us are currently working on a picture book, so be sure to check Bergin's website for updates! Also check out Blank Slater, The Boy With The Dry-Erase Face, and Lesky Lee, Monster of Monsters, two of his books that are available for purchase at Amazon and Blank Slater is the moving story of a young boy who has difficulty showing his feelings, until he meets a friend who can help him navigate his emotional landscape. Lesky Lee is the tale of a little girl who has no problems letting the monsters in her nightmares know just how she feels! Bergin can spin a tale with warmth, humor and suspense, and the accompanying drawings from Zack Wilderman give his stories an added flair.


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